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As a 22-year veteran reporter in the San Francisco Bay Area, I empathize and genuinely appreciate the rigorous work reporters perform on a day-to-day basis (not to mention the "demands" we endure before AND after hours)!  My reporting career began in '96 as a freelancer/pro tem, then moved to an officialship for 8 years, and back into the freelance/complex litigation world.  I LOVED reporting trials, but also thrived in the complexities and nuances of the "discovery" world! I am able to relate to the good, the bad, and the ugly!   I use the most current professional version of CaseCAT, the professional DropBox repository, and generally subscribe to the Gregg Reference Manual and Margie Wakeman Wells for all things grammar/punctuation.


No job is too small or too large!  I've been privy to far too many "important," high-profile, even precident-setting cases. Discretion comes naturally to me; professionalism is of paramount importance.  I ENJOY the law, procedure, vocablulary, and am proficient in virtually all of the curveballs our system of jurisprudence sends us!


My goal is to alleviate your pressure and free up time. If you can sit all day and report it, I can sit behind you and scope it! Together, we can build a team and create a united front to deliver an excellent work product: a win/win for us both!  I look forward to speaking with you more, as the reporter/scopist relationship is a very unique dynamic!  I welcome an "audition" and a chance to connect with you and your style.

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Drop me a line for my rate sheet, new reporter preference sheet, and DropBox link to upload your CaseCAT and .wav files today!

Looking forward to working with you!


(707) 338-4426